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Petros Soropanis was born in Athens in 1961, Greece. He graduated from the department of Physics and Mathematics of Studiencolleg, Kolonia (1979-1980) and studied Engineering (1980-1983) at the Polytechnic School of Essen. At the same time he was accepted at the 1st Department of Communication Design at the University of Essen and attended courses at the Academy of Arts of Dusseldorf. Since 4/6/1997 he is a member of the Chamber of Plastic Arts of Greece. In 1979 Petros Soropanis met by chance in a train J.Beuys, who has since been his friend and teacher. Petros Soropanis dedicated to this first meeting "The Train", an installation in space that was mounted and presented in October 1995 in TITANIUM gallery. His only purpose in life is to pass away sometime. For the time being, he lives and works in Athens and Syros.