titanium contemporary art gallery


He was born in Lausanne, Switzerland, in 1965. He studied painting and life drawing at Heatherley's School of Fine Arts, in London. He was accepted at the California Institute of the Arts (a.k.a CalArts), founded by Walt Disney. He specialised in character animation and graduates in 1989. His animated film " Chairs " is included in the Festival of Animation 90 and is shown for a full year in theatres nationwide. He has worked in different animation studios such as Disney and Warner Bros, where he became familiar with different computer programs for designers that have an organic feel. In 1994, he settled in Europe, and has held exhibits in Switzerland, (where he now lives), Greece, Spain and England. Today, Sandy is still active in films, but considers himself mainly a cyber-painter.

Exhibitions :

* 2007 Titanium Yiayiannos Gallery, Athens,Greece.
* 2004 Titanium Gallery, Athens, Greece.
* 2004 Niederhauser Art Gallery: Lausanne, Switzerland.
* 2000 Swiss Embassy, London, England.
* 1999 The Contemporary Print Fair, London, England.
* 1999 Arte SUR, Granada, Spain.
* 1998 Le Bleu Lzard, Lausanne, Switzerland.
* 1998 Titanium Gallery, Athens, Greece.
* 1998 Art-Athina 98, Athens, Greece.
* 1998 Art Ibiza, Ibiza, Spain.
* 1998 Arte SUR, Malaga, Spain.
* 1997 L' Estrée Museum, Ropraz, Switzerland.
* 1997 Kara Art Gallery, Geneva, Switzerland.
* 1997 Niederhauser Art Gallery, Lausanne, Switzerland.