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SIDERI EVI Exhibitions at Titanium:
Evi Sideri studied painting in the United States at the Lindbergh College of St. Louis, Missouri, and at the Athens Technological Institute in Greece, where she studied graphic arts under D. Mytaras, G. Georgiadis, G. Parmakelis, M. Spentzas and others. She occupied herself with applied arts and book art and co-operated with major magazines and newspapers such as HELLENEWS EXPRESS, VIMA, ETHNOS, ELEFTHEROTYPIA, etc. She has held solo exhibitions and has participated in group exhibitions from 1990 till today, both in Greece and abroad. Her works can be found in many private collections, at the Art Gallery of the Tripoli Municipality, as well as at the Vorre Museum.

Solo Exhibitions:

* 2009 Titanium Yiayiannos Gallery, Athens, Greece.
* 2008 Galerie Catherine Niederhauser, Lausanne, Switzerland.
* 2005 Galerie Popy Arvani, Paris, France.
* 2004 Titanium Yiayiannos Gallery, Athens, Greece.
* 2002 "Spectral Landscapes", Titanium Gallery, Athens, Greece.
* 2001 Millennium Gallery, Patras, Greece.
* 2001 Art-Space Yiayiannos, Athens, Greece.
* 1997 Kouros Gallery, Tripoli, Greece.
* 1997 Oasis Resort, Epidavros, Greece.
* 1996 Art Jonction, Paris - Cannes.
* 1996 "Hidden Spaces", Titanium Gallery, Athens, Geece.
* 1993 "Micro - Shapes, Micro - Forms", Epipeda Gallery, Athens, Greece.